Sierra wanted a revamped look for her online natural beauty store, H2a Botanicals. Her business has grown over the years but her old site remained stagnant and dated. She knew it was time for her online presence to reflect her thriving business.

H2a Botanicals focuses on the importance of self-care, and that’s just what H2a’s products give to their customers. We knew the website deserved to have a luxurious and soothing feel to it, to get customers in the mind set of self-care while shopping for products.

We used a deep color palette and sweeping script fonts to convey a rich atmosphere that also offered continuity with the company’s product labels. Part of the project included upgrading the product photography so we had crystal-clear photos of all her latest products in a uniform style.

The result is a website that evokes trust and connection with the brand, even before a purchase is made. This is the foundation H2a Botanicals is now establishing with their customers.