Better Home Products: Custom Product Catalog Conversion to ACF

In 2011, I was contracted by BTC Consulting to build a custom product catalog for a manufacturer of home hardware products. Using core WordPress functionality and custom meta boxes I delivered a highly functional solution that worked exactly as desired.

Almost all of their products come in a variety of finishes, and each has its own SKU, specifications and image. Using a custom taxonomy to identify available finishes for each product, I created dynamic meta fields based on the selected finishes to only show the necessary fields.

All this custom product data was used to populate a pixel perfect theme based on the designer’s mockups with a layered navigation of categories and sub-categories.

In 2022, I came back and converted all the custom fields to use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to future proof the functionality and allow upgrading the jQuery libraries on the site, and PHP version of the server. I was able to replicate all the dynamic custom field logic by creating the custom fields in PHP rather than the GUI. At this time the site owners opted not to upgrade the front-end so after all these years it’s still using Bootstrap v3.

This website generates millions of dollars in business each and every year.

“I met Jackson Whelan at WordCamp in San Francisco many years ago. I have worked with him on a number of projects over the years. Every engagement I’ve had has shown to me that Jackson knows WordPress better than any other developer I’ve ever worked with. Further Jackson has built plugins and solved problems that I thought could never be solved. But Jackson always solves them, 100% of the time!”