Add-on for Gravity Forms + Bento: Plugin Development

I discovered Bento in searching for a MailChimp replacement, and was seriously impressed with the feature set and reasonable pricing. The only thing stopping me from going all in was so many of our clients relied on integrations with Gravity Forms. While it was technically possible to integrate with Zapier type solutions, we were trying so save subscription fees and keep things simple. After hopping into the Bento Discord and getting to know Jesse Hanley the founder of Bento, I decided to take the leap and create an add-on to connect Gravity Forms to the Bento marketing automation platform.

This publicly released plugin available on the repository leverages Gravity Forms robust API to create a seamless integration. Each form can have multiple conditional feeds that send different tags and custom fields to Bento, based on the answers submitted.

“It’s hard to find developers as reliable as Jackson. He came in, shipped much needed enhancements to our WordPress plugin, and did so without any hiccups or questions. Brilliant.”