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Is WordPress Still the Best Platform?

With new website services popping up all the time, it’s easy to question which one is best for you. Different ones offer different options, with some being significantly more limited than others. Some promote an ease of use while others offer deals on hosting packages. But there’s a lot more to factor in than just…

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SSL Certificates and Why Every Site Needs One Now

What Is SSL? Without getting too technical, SSL means “secure sockets layer”. It ensures secure encryption and transmission of data between the user’s computer and your website. You can see if a website has an SSL certificate by looking at the top of the web page. If it has one then you should see “HTTPS.”…

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Beware of Website Scam Letters in the Mail

Going out to check the mail, you may find interesting letters about your website. There are businesses sending out misleading advertisements. These advertisements look like bills. They could trick you into spending money on overpriced, unnecessary products. Some letters inform you that your domain name needs to be renewed. Some letters try to get you…

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