Will work for sushi. Knows how to use chopsticks.

Short answer, I design and build  WordPress powered websites for people, companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes – here there and everywhere.

Longer answer…

I create websites that my clients can easily update themselves using the WordPress platform. This means that with nothing more than a web browser, you can upload images/videos, add articles, modify text, and more – without hiring me again. This creates great value for my clients, and allows me to focus on what I like to do best – build great websites with WordPress. I build every site from scratch, so each is truly custom fit to the client, design, and needs. I’ve written a few plugins, and spend my days up to my eyeballs in WordPress, still learning new things everyday.


I moved to Vermont in 1996 to attend Castleton State College. Once there I was unable to resist the siren song of the mountains and the joys of snowboarding. Supporting my new full-time snowboarding habit led to great jobs working in the resort industry; season’s pass sales, assistant innkeeping, bartending, more bartending, and then a year-round position selling ski vacations.

During a painfully slow summer selling ski vacations I taught myself HTML using Notepad. This was 1999, but web development quickly became a passion for me and I spent my evenings learning more and freelancing.

Shortly after that slow summer, I took a job at a digital print shop in southern Vermont operating its large and small format printers and performing pre-press duties. I later became manager, with responsibility for improving workflow and managing the company website.

I went on to become a founding partner of Ditto!, a unique combination of a printing company and a multi-disciplinary design firm. A year of operating a Heidelberg GTO instilled a technical understanding of and greater appreciation for the craft of printing. I mixed ink, stripped film, made plates, and can operate a stitcher, a paper cutter, a right angle folder and just about any other piece of printing machinery I can find. I still use this experience today to help my clients with printed solutions.

Fast forward to today, I’ve been focused exclusively WordPress web development since 2004 and loving every moment of it. I love what I do, and enjoy great relationships with wonderful clients – for this I am truly thankful.

I live in Vermont with my lovely wife Madelyn, and two tenacious American Staffordshire Terriers – Ginger and Juniper.