Why You Shouldn’t Use Google Apps Enterprise

Recently, a client wanted just 1 jumbo mailbox for their domain, larger than what I can provide on my hosting platform. Google Apps Enterprise seemed like the perfect fit. 25 Gigs for a reasonable price on the familiar and popular … Continued

Reset MySQL Auto Increment Value

ALTER TABLE `tablename` AUTO_INCREMENT =0 Will reset the auto_increment to the lowest value in the table.

Show Hidden Files on Your Mac

Here’s a nifty little application that saves you from the drudgery of interfacing with the terminal on your Mac to show hidden files. Sure you can open Terminal and enter: defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES and then: killall FINDER Enter … Continued

Better Tab Management for Firefox

This is a great add-on for Firefox which makes organizing many tabs a breeze. If you’re like me sometimes you have 30 tabs open. With this installed you can display your tabs as a nested list on the left or … Continued

Media Temple (GS) Sputtering Back to Life

As previously mentioned here – I have a client who is unfortunate enough to have 30+ sites hosted on Media Temple’s Grid Service (GS). This outage began Monday, May 4th, 2009 at 7:35 pm EST, so right now that’s 39 … Continued

Media Temple Gives You What You Pay For

For $20 a month, why anyone expects different I’ll never know. But now for the second time in as many months, Media Temple has completely crapped out. I’m fortunate not to have any eggs in their basket, but have a … Continued

Why logo design does not cost $5.00

Great article by Jacob Cass that says… Logo design in today’s world is totally under rated. People do not understand how important a good logo is and how valuable it is to their business and this is why I am … Continued

Download Vector Logos of Major Brands

Sometimes you need a good clean logo of a major brand, for completely legit usage. Maybe the local Ford dealership is sponsoring a local event, and the organizers are having you create a flyer that needs the Ford logo on … Continued