Shopp Rejoiner Plugin


Rejoiner helps convert abandoned carts into customers with well timed personalized emails. Shopp is a powerful WordPress eCommerce solution and one of my favorite tools. The Shopp Rejoiner plugin integrates the two, allowing you to run full-service cart abandonment email … Continued

A Day in Vermont: October 14


Third in a series of videos to promote Peter Huntoon’s A Day in Vermont project. Shrewsbury has a special top-of-the-world feel. You can see for miles and miles from Maple Crest. The farm has been in the Smith family for … Continued

A Day in Vermont: October 1


Second in a series of videos to promote Peter Huntoon’s A Day in Vermont project, in Pittsford, VT at the Depot Hill Bridge – built in 1840. A Day in Vermont: Depot Hill Bridge from Jackson Whelan on Vimeo.

Update: Domain Swindlers

Follow up to my review of I reached out to the new owner of the domain I had supposedly purchased on 3/9 from, who informed me that he purchased it on 3/14. So to recap. They sold me … Continued – Domain Reseller Review is a company based in Cincinnati Ohio that resells domain names. Normally I do not buy domains from resellers, but they approached me with a domain I was interested in and I decided to give it a shot. Here follows my … Continued

Taxonomy Templates Plugin

Taxonomy Templates allows user selection of a theme’s available taxonomy templates, much like how pages can select their template. If you’ve ever wanted to style many categories differently, it can quickly get tedious making copies of templates and changing file … Continued

WordPress Watching WordPress


I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and finally did. I took the website monitoring script I’ve used for awhile and turned it into a WordPress plugin. Tyrone the WP Watchdog is now available in the WordPress plugin repository. Tyrone … Continued


This was my first pilgrimage to the annual WordCamp San Francisco. 3 days of WordPress heaven. Sunday I enjoyed volunteering at the ‘Happiness Bar’, helping people with their WordPress problems. Saw some interesting stuff. Great speakers, great venue and crowd.

WordPress Backup

One of my favorite, and most used plugins is — Automatic WordPress Backup by Dan Coulter under commission by Web Design Company. It backs up your entire site (database, themes, plugins, uploads, settings) and then sends it off to Amazon … Continued

Why You Shouldn’t Use Google Apps Enterprise

Recently, a client wanted just 1 jumbo mailbox for their domain, larger than what I can provide on my hosting platform. Google Apps Enterprise seemed like the perfect fit. 25 Gigs for a reasonable price on the familiar and popular … Continued

Reset MySQL Auto Increment Value

ALTER TABLE `tablename` AUTO_INCREMENT =0 Will reset the auto_increment to the lowest value in the table.

Show Hidden Files on Your Mac

Here’s a nifty little application that saves you from the drudgery of interfacing with the terminal on your Mac to show hidden files. Sure you can open Terminal and enter: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES and then: killall FINDER Enter … Continued