– Domain Reseller Review is a company based in Cincinnati Ohio that resells domain names. Normally I do not buy domains from resellers, but they approached me with a domain I was interested in and I decided to give it a shot. Here follows my review of the domain reseller

Short story – Poor customer service experience. Do not use Now Yo for your domain name purchase needs. Even if you pay the invoice as promptly as humanly possible – you’ll probably not get what you ordered.

I called their office after receiving their solicitation via email. I spoke to Ryan who agreed to sell me the domain for a fair price and promptly sent me a PayPal invoice. I paid the invoice within 10 minutes and was informed that I would receive instructions on how to retrieve my purchased domain within 24 hours.

Things got busy and a week went by with no communication from them. I called to see what was up, after my attempts to contact them through their website’s contact form proved unsuccessful. I was treated like a alien, as if they’d never heard from me before (despite getting the same person, and having an invoice # from them) – and was told that ‘we got a lot of action on that’ – and ‘someone beat you to it’ – ‘we sold it yesterday’ (despite me buying it a week previous).

I suspect they got a better offer on the domain after I paid and took it. It’s charlatans like these that make a bad name for the domain reselling business. I noticed that the first time I visited their site to check the price of the domain it was $375, then I checked from another computer and it said ‘Offer’. When I called without me even pressing they offered it to me for $300.

OK, so if somebody truly beat me to it – you have no procedure in place to refund money you’ve accepted from others for the same goods?

Who knows how long would have kept my money had I not called. They are not running a good business and I cannot recommend them to anyone. Feel free to contact me if you’ve had similar issues. In the end they hung up on me, so I don’t think their too serious about keeping customers happy.

That concludes my review and vent of, now back to your regular programming…

UPDATE: See what I find when I contact the new owner.

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